Testimony From Our Patients

D.M. of Chandler


Meeting and being treated by Dr. Li has got to be one of my most profound experiences. From my first appointment where she spent 1 1/2 hours listening to what I had to say and evaluating me as a whole person, I knew that Dr. Li was a special human being.

Dr. Li has treated me for a myriad of different ailments and I have never been disappointed.

I can not give her enough accolades to truly express how I feel about her.

What I can say from my heart is that I feel blessed and fortunate to have her as my doctor. Thank you Dr. Li!

Warmest Regards


A.M. of Maricopa


To the office of Dr. Qun Li

For two and a half years, my husband and I struggled with getting pregnant. There was something wrong with me, but my doctors (GYN/OB and infertility specialist) didn't know what it was; every test checking for infertility signs would come back normal. We even did 2 rounds of IUI without any luck. Then my husband mentioned acupuncture and how it had helped an acquaintance of ours to conceive. I was very hestitant at first, especially because we wanted someone who had experience in Chinese medicine, but we didn't know of anyone in town who could recommend us to a good acupuncturist. Finally, I did some research online and found doctor Qun Li; I decided to see her after reading her biography and area of expertise. Dr. Li diagnosed me with poor blood circulation and said that with acupuncture and some herbs (in the form of pills) my system would stabilize. I was treated for infertility and anxiety/stress. Four months later we found out we were pregnant and now we're blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Li because she seemed to care; she was very kind and knowledgable. We plan on having more children and I know that I would go back to see her to prep my body for future pregnancies.

Thank you Dr. Qun Li!


B.L.C. of Chandler


I consider myself to be a very healthy person whereby my visits to doctors are few and far between. I am also a very active woman who eats well and participates in a variety of exercises including: swimming, yoga (primarily), weight training and speed-walking.

Last year I must have overdone it and experienced pain on the left side of my lower back. A friend of mine had been a patient of Dr. Li's and suggested I make an appointment. I had never been to an acupuncturist before but highly regarded altenative medicine.

My experience with Dr. Li was very positive. She treats the patient as a whole and is so knowledgable. After three treatments, the relief was truly amazing.

I have recommended friends and colleagues to Dr. Li, for ailments such as migrains, infertility, back pain, weight loss and more.


K.S. of Phoenix


After failing to get pregnant on my own, we finally consulted a specialist. All the standard tests which an RE orders traditionally orders came back "normal" for us. Unfortunately, all the IUI's did not work and none of the IVF's were working either. The last IVF seemed to be heading in the right direction until my lining starting crashing and all efforts had to be aborted! After all the injections and medications my FSH came back elevated to 22 and I tested positive for AOA (Anti-ovarian-antibodies immune disorder - antibodies attacking your ovaries). There isn't much on AOA and they think treatment is the old standard "Prednisone steroids". Thus began my daily prednisone along with the heparin shots and growing handfuls of vitamin supplements. When I first saw my RE he suggested I find a Chinese doctor/acupuncturist and he emphasized to make sure they are actually from China and know herbal/Eastern medicine - I did not follow this advice because I did not know about acupuncture and I am married to a physician! Day after Christmas I found Dr. Qun Li.

Dr. Li was very clear that Eastern medicine takes much longer than Western and that I would need at least 6 months to improve my health. I winced! She said something that I would later read in Randine Lewis' Infertility Cure, "If the soil is no good, nothing will grow". I didn't like it, but what choice did I have? With an FSH of 22, no RE will work with me. Plus, after years of fertility meds and infertility stress, I knew my body needed a helping hand.

I implemented some of Dr. Li's advice of "no cold drinks, no sodas, no sugary foods, at least 8 hours of sleep". Dr. Li must have felt like a broken record because I was convinced I had always operated on 6 or less hours of sleep and she said I needed 8 to improve the things I needed to fix - this took me many months to fully apply. Dr. Li stressed organic and all natural (eat an orange instead of orange juice). Dr. Li also had been investigated the Nasonex I had been taking daily for years - I was a huge sufferer of sinusitis and ever since I was prescribed Nasonex as a "maintenance" nasal spray I rarely experienced the problems I had before. Dr. Li apparently found that it can inhibit fertility, but I told her I need moisture at the very least in my nostrils. She recommended using a saline spray and gave me a photocopy of how to "rinse" your nasal passages. I didn't want to open myself up to sinus infections again, but I finally decided to try Dr. Li's way (even though my doctor said Nasonex was perfectly safe and my husband agreed). It took a little while, but I carry my saline spray in my purse and I have only had one sinus infection - I did eventually read the insert in the box of Nasonex which does mention something about fertility blockers (thins all mucus)!

Dr. Li was constantly remarking that the FSH # is not a deal breaker in Chinese Medicine. Her reminders helped me to keep a positive outlook especially since my RE had told me my future chances of conceiving were very grim. After 9 months of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs I was pregnant. I truly believe Dr. Li helped me attain what other doctors could not - I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.